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Stormzy #Gangsigns&prayer - Album Review


Stormzy I am all the way here for this album, 

I actually had the opportunity to listen to this album all the way through today, which is a rarity for me.

Stormzy was definitely in his feelings with this album and I ain't mad at that!

But the varied genres on this ONE album is outstanding, he even sings?!

This is a whole new raw side to Stormzy, he even delves into his life about his absent father and the resentment he still holds, he talks about his beau Maya and uplifts his Mother and upholds God, while still stressing his angst of the gritty life of the streets today.

He has features from people I didn't even picture him collabing with, ever, and songs produced by people I didn't even know he'd discovered.

His flow as flawless as ever and his delivery as effortless as always!

This is the perfect commute album. The weather was mild today and I had the sun in my eyes and Stormzy in my ears.

This album is worth the download/purchase. But do it legally as you can hear the effort, passion and time he put into this album and personally I think he's worth that dollar!

Stormzy, Gang Signs & Prayer

Li xo