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Leng Leng Luxury Coloured Lenses Review

As a make-up artist, I love nothing more than drawing more attention to my eyes; when I do a subtle but glam or even a bold and vibrant eye look. After hearing so many good things about these lenses, I decided to purchase some Leng Leng luxury coloured lenses.

The delivery process was fast enough, and was sent tracked at no extra cost which was great! They came with a cute note on front, and very professional packaging housed the lenses itself and the carry case.

These lenses don't come with solution, but you can get that anywhere, so that didn't bother me, and it states on purchase thankfully, so there were no surprises!

I chose the colour 'Honey Dip', from the regular range, as I love my brown eyes and I didn't want to alter the colour, just give them a little extra pop from time to time.

They last up to six months with the right care, and Leng Leng does give you thorough care instructions to aid this. We all know coloured contacts have come and gone, on and off trend, but with these being a three tone lense, you can still achieve a natural eye colour, and the premium lenses are opaque enough to cover even the darkest eye colour, so regardless of whether they're currently in or not they can go completely undetected!

They are well made, and great quality for the price, they were a long wearing comfortable fit, and i got quite a few compliments too.

You may know remember the IG '@' @thebanjeegirl but they've come a long way from then, in just under a year, complete with their own logo, branding and packaging.

So if you fancy giving your eyes that little extra sparkle, or you've always fancied trying a colour change, then why not visit their Depop or their online store, where I'm sure they'll be happy to accommodate your needs of enhancement! Leng Leng lenses come in 17 different shades, with the premium lenses priced at £9.99 and the regular lenses £8.99.

Affordable, quality, not two words you hear often in the same sentence!

If you are fortunate of having the pleasure of corresponding with the owner of this company directly, you will realise too that she is a dream to communicate with, and she honestly has some really worthwhile, value for money products.

Love Li xo

You can contact Leng Leng at any of the following handles to place an order;

Online store :

IG : @oklengleng

Depop : @lengleng